Things that make my pregnant wife cry uncontrollably


– The mere sight of her dog

– The thought of how much she loves her dog, her bump, her mum and me (in that order)

– Followed closely by how much she loves eggs. Scrambled, poached, fried or boiled, she just loves eggs.

– X Factor sob story montages

– How tired she is after relatively little activity

– When the clock decides that it wants to be past 10:00pm and she is sill awake (full meltdown imminent)

– Other peoples Instagram posts with dogs in

– Adele… for some reason

– Mild hunger

– When I don’t draw on her weekly baby progress blackboard in a timely fashion

– Chores not being done to her standard (she needs to see the kitchen ceiling reflected on the work tops)

– The Ellen DeGeneres show

– The sight of baby clothes in Next

– Her own body heat

– Most things that cause normal people mild irritation… like custard not being hot enough

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