10 things that might freak expectant Dads out!

Certain things will make blokes uncomfortable no matter how much they think they’ve gotten their heads around the whole situation. I’ve come up with a selection of things that have made me wince so far!


  1. One salary and an extra person – I must plan and budget like I have never planned and budgeted before!  The PS4 might have to wait.


  1. The business end during delivery – I’ll be desperately waiting for a stork to fly through the window with our baby. Oh the helplessness.


  1. C – Section – the terrifying idea that your loved one will be opened up wide enough for a Christmas turkey to casually stroll out of her abdomen will never sit well with me.


  1. Maternity waiting rooms – Other pregnant women of all shapes sizes sat next to their respective partners who look as lost and ashen faced as you.


  1. The Midwife ignorance – I’m sat right there.   You can talk to me too.


  1. Your friends’ birth stories – I didn’t need to know that the consultant had her hand all the way in. Leave those details for the conversation with my wife. And lets face it, she probably doesn’t want to hear that either!


  1. Buggy testing – I know how to test drive a car. Surely buggies cant be that complicated? Think again. Folding one is like trying to solve a Rubix cube with your toes.


  1. How much useless things cost – A nappy warmer is how much?!


  1. The words tear, snip, stretch and swell – These sound excruciating enough to me, I can only imagine how Mrs D feels.


  1. Breastfeeding – Yes its wonderful, natural and the best thing for my baby. Yes I’ll be supportive, accepting and totally for it… But-its-still-weird!


Anything I’ve missed guys?