My Due Date Survival Kit

bigger bag

Mum’s all set. She knows what she’s taking, what she’s wearing before, during AND after her birth experience. Pad’s, pillows and PJ’s are all ready and rearing to go. Her bag is ready to be filled; she knows when she’s getting her hair done in the days preceding (don’t ask) and she’s well aware of how important it is that she looks pristine in her first picture with our new baby! Whether this goes to plan is all up to my little Lady Bug and when she decides to make an appearance.

My wife’s rather endearing naivety aside, I think its important that I think about packing what I might need for when the time comes, aside from my car keys and wallet, which are all I ever usually take anywhere… The wallet only ever coming along, subject to whether I remember where Ive put it. I’m going to try to put this list in order of importance, so that you get an insight into my thought processes, which hopefully aren’t too out of whack!  Here goes…

  1. HER stuff – When the time comes, I’ll need to take charge of Mrs. Ds inventory too! Any last minute bits which she might forget and anything I think of with my wealth of experience and instinct that she may need… Nothing comes to mind but we-shall-see!
  2. Phone charger – for emergency Facebook checking and other less important things like calling family and friends.
  3. Spare change – for extortionate hospital parking
  4. A button/zip-up up top – for skin to skin?
  5. Snacks – comprising of excessive sugar, carbs and salt
  6. A travel pillow – for when Wonder Woman is napping and I need a kip.
  7. Headphones – Bit of music, Netflix and gaming on my iPad wont do me any harm.
  8. A change of clothes – we only live 10 mins from the hospital but just in case!
  9. My camera? I’m not too fussed about taking pictures but my other half might want them.
  10. Toothbrush!
  11. Massage oil, lotions and other bits, which might help Mrs. D, be a little more comfortable.


I guess the key here is to not pack as though you’re going on holiday.  Considering we don’t live far from the hospital, we need only take key items that are of immediate importance. On the other hand, we may be in a situation where I cant leave Mrs D.s side so everything we need will have to be at hand.

Im trying to strike that all important balance between being insanely under-prepared, and equally insanely over-prepared.  Bear in mind, I will be bringing a whole new human home in a basket, with a car seat, ANOTHER bag and a wife who will undoubtedly need all of my care, attention, brute-strength (debatable) and organisational skills… Winning is the Science of being totally prepared! Kind of…



2 thoughts on “My Due Date Survival Kit

  1. Ha, love it! One tip is to make sure that you pack the bag rather than the missus, since you’re (presumably) the one that will be digging around trying frantically to find whatever she wants while she’s in labour/recovering.
    As for hospital parking, my hubby got a ticket while we were too busy bringing a human being into the world to go and top it up, and just appealed it to the hospital (note: not the third party car park company) who very kindly and quickly had the ticket cancelled. Just in case that comes in handy!

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  2. You’ve just opened my eyes to a whole new world… I SHOULD pack both bags! Honestly… Its genius and I never thought of it!

    I appeal pretty much every parking ticket I’ve ever received so no problems there 🙂


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