What will I be? He or she?

Our Gender reveal party was the brain child of my super creative wife and fell on the weekend of week 22 of our pregnancy journey.  She had been inspired by the many amazing ideas other people have executed to perfection in the US on Pinterest and we thought it’d be interesting to give it a try as we had never seen anything like it in the UK before! We gathered some close friends and family and went wild with food, decor and fun!

I’m quite a handy Daddy-to-be so the other half had me helping decorate, and be crafty and creative for the preceding few days.  All who were invited were as excited as we were and my Wonder Woman of a wife put together an unforgettable day which ran on military precision!  She actually couldn’t wait to find out the gender so that we could start shopping (priorities) and because she’s a self proclaimed control freak.

I’ve put together a little picture package below…



Everything was colour coded… from the lighting…


right down to the sweets!


All very more-ish


Something for everyone


Sugar anyone?


Team Blue Vs. Team Pink

The plan was to ask our sonographer at the 20 week scan to write down the gender of our baby and put it into a sealed envelope. Mrs D took an extra envelope so we couldn’t even sneaky peak… We then drove straight to our local party shop who had been briefed (by the wife) to fill a giant box with balloons that would reveal the sex of our baby to us and our family and friends at the same time. All our trust was with them and I have to say, they were fantastic through it all! We then waited two whole weeks for the party as my in-laws were on holiday, during which time I built the box which would hold the pink or blue balloons ready for the big reveal.


We were itching to open it!


Team Blue


Team Pink

Mrs D had asked all of our guests to wear something pink or blue depending on what they thought to add to the fun and when they all arrived, we gave out Team Pink or Team Blue stickers. We had some undecided guests and one even refused to wear pink so as not to gender stereotype!

The energy in the house was amazing that day, everyone buzzing about whether we were having a baby boy or girl! Once all our guests had arrived and eaten some lunch we were ready to Skype and Face-time all our international relatives in time for our unveiling! Phones at the ready, Mrs D and I at the top of the room…. It was finally time to open the box!




We popped the lid off, and the room went berserk!!! Team Pink had won!

All of the wonder and to-ing and fro-ing was over and we knew (90% sure according to NHS stats) that we were expecting a little princess to come along and change our lives forever.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my wife so happy… Its a memory I will treasure forever!  She was a picture of dignified excitement after she had finished screaming, whereas I was in more of a state of being “holy shit’ reserved.

The most recent baby in our lives was my little nephew, so in our minds everything had been ‘boy, boy, boy’ up until this point.  I was in a funny sense of denial in my head because I’d gotten so used to the anticipation of a boy. I actually only wore pink because Mrs D said it would look better in the pictures! It was surprising as to how much watching my nephew grow was influencing my expectation.  Either way, I was just thrilled.  Daddies girl was on her way!


Mrs D was ecstatic!


Mummy to be

So now we wait.  We have started preparing with clothes, decoration and general chit chat about how life will change when she comes along.  We’ve also had the gender re-confirmed since as I kept teasing Mrs D about the 10% of doubt! (the 4D scan was awesome but thats for another story).

As for the NuDad… He cannot wait to welcome his little girl home.


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