NuDad for real

I’ve got so much to say, but I have no idea how to say it.  I’m speechless, overwhelmed, excited and terrified!  I should probably start with the announcement… albeit slightly delayed but Im sure most parents will understand why.

Just over two weeks ago, we welcomed our daughter into the world!  She is a 6.4lb work of art that has Daddies dimples, Mummies little chin and an absolutely unconditional blanket of love given to her by her Mum, Dad and entire family.  Her birthday was an incredibly emotional day filled with fears, surprises, tears and smiles.  Mrs. D and I did it! (mostly Mrs. D) We actually bought our little Ninja safely into this world .  A living, breathing, pooping and crying human being to call our child and raise in the best way we know how.  We cant thank the miracle workers that are medical staff enough for helping us receive this huge blessing.

I’m still in disbelief that something so delicate and precious is mine to look after.  Sitting high above all of the things that are difficult about having a new baby, like broken sleep, exhaustion and general ‘unknowingness’, is the shear JOY and empowering responsibility she’s bought into my life.


I could write an entire volume on what happened on the day she arrived but I don’t feel as though now is the time to go into that saga.  Far from secondary and the only reason we’re in this place is Mrs. D.  To my better half and ultimate support I want to say:

You were absolutely amazing the day our little princess arrived, and my pride for you is overflowing right now.  You continue to astound me everyday.

I’ve never been so happy and I’m indebted to you like you wouldn’t believe.  You’ve carried the weight of our relationship on your strong shoulders the entire time we’ve been together while I’ve been a bit of a dreamer and shooting for the almost impossible.  You are the reason the ‘real’ and immediate things happen and you are the reason we’re strong.

Baby D is privileged to have you as a Mum and she will grow up knowing just how precious you are as a person and how much this little family will owe you as time goes by.

I might wear the Batman t-shirts, but you are the real superhero.

Thank You x

FullSizeRender (1)

Welcome Baby D.  Get ready to have some fun with your Mum and Dad.



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